Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cute picture of raising chickens!

Here's a cute picture one of our visitors sent in:

Aren't those the cutest things? He writes in saying:

    "These are three of my chickens. Unfortunately, they don't have names! When I first started raising chickens, I planned to *gasp* kill them when they stopped laying. 8 years later, I can't bring myself to eating these three darling old girls. They don't lay anymore, but I look at it as if they are simply using up their 401k retirement fund. When they were younger, they contributed greatly to it, so it's only fair!"

Since when did chickens have their own retirement fund? Oh well, we'd do the same! At least they are in a better position than us, who *knows* if we'll ever get to see any of our Social Security when we retire. This new generation of young folk better work hard and pay lots in SS taxes!

Oops, looks like we're letting some politics sneak into our blog. We promise it won't happen again!

Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Frequently Asked Chicken Questions

In the course of your time raising chickens, you'll know doubt have a few questions. Shagbark Bantams has compiled a short little list of some common FAQs. For example:

    What is grit and when should I use it for my poultry?

    Grit is anything that would provide a grinding tool in the gizzard, where the feed is broken down. Tiny pebbles, sand, grit, canary or pigeon grit, etc. are all suitable for adults birds, but only canary grit (or something similar in size) should be used for chicks, when necessary......

Find more at http://shagbarkbantams.com/faqnew.htm!

Monday, January 09, 2006

Great hatchery for buying chicks and other poultry!

While searching the web, we've come across a lot of people asking where the best place is to buy chicks. Here are some helpful webpages!

McMurray Hatchery
They're a favorite of ours. High quality, reliable, and they've been in the business for centuries! Ok, maybe not centuries....but a long time!

Also, check out this Wikipedia entry on finding a hatchery. Very useful stuff!

Hope this helps. :)

Tuesday, January 03, 2006


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