Thursday, June 04, 2009

Seven Things EVERY Chicken Coop Should Have!

Living the Country Life magazine, the officials glossy magazine for the 14,000-member Country Living Association (and read by 760,000 homeowners throughout the United States), just published an excellent piece on chicken coops. Anyone interested in building their own chicken coops should definitely check it out. It goes over all of the basics, including space requirements for chickens and some helpful insulation tips!

Read the article: Chicken Coops on Living The Country Life.

A New Poultry Site

We just got word of a new site launched by Mother Earth News called Have you heard of it? What do you think? Now, it's now to be confused with the new, which is a message board for poultry enthusiasts. CommunityChickens, so far, looks to be mostly article-driven with none of the content actually on-site. It looks like they did get a bunch of advertisers, though!